How Many Adults Eat Kiddie Peanut Butter?

As a time-out from what everyone is thinking about this morning, I'd like to register a protest about peanut butter in the United States.

The small store a couple of blocks from home I often go to pick up various grocery items doesn't carry one decent brand of the stuff, i.e., one made of nothing but peanuts. They all (even the ones that have "natural" and "goody, goody," plastered all over their labels) contain sugar, corn syrup, agave, and other sweeteners. I found one that even had both sugar and molasses! 

It's a small store, so they don't have a lot of shelf space. But they carry several brands of the sweet stuff; you would think that they could replace at least one of them with the real stuff.

I can understand why children would refuse to eat any peanut butter that wasn't sweetened, but don't any kids grow up any more to prefer the taste of PB made of just peanuts? This particular store is generally patronized by liberal, Hillary-loving types, because that's who lives in this neighborhood (and in most of this city). So why do they still demand kiddie PB? 

At least there are larger grocery stores nearby that have a wider selection.

qedd© Jon Johanning 2011