MSNBC Folks Know Nothing About Socialism

Sometimes Morning Joe has some interesting discussions. This one brings up a real political problem but gets nowhere near a real solution for it.

Very interesting, from my point of view, at least, that all of these folks circle around and around the need for seriously educating the American people about socialism, but never land on it. This, of course, is because, like the overwhelming majority of Americans, they haven’t the faintest idea about what socialism is really about.

The “media elite” are committing the sins these Morning Joe people correctly rail against because they can’t see a society that’s in real and deepening class conflict with clear eyes. They see the fact of class conflict and mention it now and then, but don’t understand it.

Mika said: “the needs of the American people that haven’t been met by Washington for decades.” I would rather say: “needs that haven’t been met by capitalism for centuries.”

If you poke around on YouTube and other places, you can find some obscure journalism outlets that understand this stuff better than MSNBC does, but they’re really obscure. Perhaps in the coming years this situation will change, but advocates of socialism have to bury the existing “socialist” pseudo-parties and pseudo-activist groups, especially the ones still stuck on Leninist-Stalinist crap, and get the word out. How this will happen I have no idea, but it might happen somehow.

qedd© Jon Johanning 2011