This Seriocomedy is About Ready for the Last Act

The Republicans quoted in this article still think he's actually being the President, but it's time to fact facts, my friends.

It's impossible to diagnose this condition of his. Maybe it's a growing brain tumor, who knows? But it's entirely possible that it will advance to his talking to the voices in his head or to imaginary people he sees. At that point, I guess, Article 25 will have to be invoked, but we can't tell how fast the condition will progress. As he likes to say, "Stay tuned."

In any case, I don't think it's just his habitual gross sexism or extreme narcissism. He's getting increasingly into a state of obsession with his obsessions rather than paying attention to what presidents are normally expected to pay attention to.

All of his working life, he has been playing at being a tycoon, TV tycoon actor in "reality TV," or whatever. He reminds me of the actors who put on white coats and play being doctors in commercials, and the actors who play their patients. And although he never took courses in acting, he seems to have a natural talent for taking on certain roles.

The problem is that Americans generally don't want actors playing president in the White House, they want actual presidents, not someone who somehow strayed from a twisted “West Wing” series. Whether the majority of the public gets tired of this charade first or whether the tumor or whatever it is reaches Stage III or IV first, we can't predict.

qedd© Jon Johanning 2011