To Impeach or Not to Impeach — That Is Not the Question

In the tiny corner of the internet I sit in, there is a discussion in various places about the supposed impeachment dilemma: even if we manage to impeach and convict Trump, we’ll have Pence to deal with, and if we do it again, we’ll be facing President Ryan. The thoughts this inspired in my mind were the following.

I think it's rapidly looking as though what will soon break out will look like the saloon fights in the old Western flicks — everybody throwing tables and chairs at everyone else in an enormous eruption. Executive branch employees quitting en masse because they can't possibly work with this man, GOP Congresspeople fighting with each other over whether to cooperate with the leader of their own party, Dem Congresspeople mostly fighting against him, and demonstrations in hundreds of places around the country day after day. If this situation or anything close to it comes to pass, it really won't matter much whether it's Trump, Pence or Ryan in the White House. None of them will get anything done. Unfortunately, we don't have a system like that of countries like the UK in which the parliament votes no confidence in the government and the Queen calls for a new election (I think it goes something like that). We'll be stuck with a huge political crisis and nothing will be able to be done about it.

I’m not at all sure this will actually happen; I’m not sure what’s going to happen in the next few days, for that matter, given how rapidly events are coming at us. Call it a vision of what might go down, inspired in my feverish brain from drinking too much political news over the few days since the inauguration. But visions often show us where to look in the future.

qedd© Jon Johanning 2011