Trump Is Not the Root of U.S. Evil

I must say that it’s very encouraging to see all these marches springing up, including a Scientists’ March in the planning, and spontaneous demos every time DJT announces he’s going to build a “wall” or blocks “radical Muslim terrorists” with a hastily designed immigration sledgehammer and so on. However, the fact that is not being widely appreciated, apparently, is that all the problems in the system of the country and the world did not start with him.

People are not focusing on the system responsible for most of these problems, which is sometimes referred to as “capitalism.” Partly, I think, this is because most people think of it under terms like “free market” and “free enterprise,” which make it sound like pure heaven. Who could possibly be against “freedom”? And it is also because even people who can see past that obfuscation think that it is such an enormous and well-established object that it is hopeless to go against it.

I’m not going to argue against either one of these points here (I have a short reading list with better arguments than I can provide). I just want to emphasize that “Never Trump” is not a sufficient response to the current situation, although it might be a good starting point for those who haven’t done any resisting before.

qedd© Jon Johanning 2011