Trump’s Fate Probably Won’t Be Impeachment, But Checkmate

Jennifer Rubin, a conservative Washington Post columnist who has long been a Trump opponent (if you're not familiar with her), has catalogued a number of DJT's growing list of problems.

My view at this point is that he will probably not be removed by impeachment or Art. 25, but simply because he will be driven into a corner that he cannot find any way out of and will have to resign. (His recently hired crony lawyer will help drive him there, because he's as ignorant of all the laws related to the Federal Government as Trump is.)

Remember that this was Nixon's fate. Tricky Dick wasn't impeached but was forced into an indefensible position. It's like chess: the king can't be captured, but if he's driven into a position where capture is threatened and he can't be defended or get out of it, he loses.

It also looks to me as though Trump's lawyers, whom he has used mainly to file his phoney suits over the years, seemed to have all graduated from the Cheerios Boxtop School of Law, while Comey & Co., and Mueller’s staff, are real lawyers, and very good ones.

qedd© Jon Johanning 2011