Trump’s Performance in Helsinki Was Quite a Show, But Will It Have Any Political Effect? Doubtful.

Why aren’t more Republican office-holders and big shots turning against Trump after his performance during his European adventure, culminating in Helsinki? Many people are waiting for his support in the GOP to start crumbling, so that we can get on with impeachment, etc.

I’m afraid, though, that that just won’t happen for a long time. “Many people,” as Trump would put it, are claiming that he has somehow cast a hypnotic spell over Congressional Republicans, or that they are so afraid of the “Trump base” voting against them, that they are weirdly following the Great Orange Leader like sheep.

I think that the basic reason, however, is much simpler. Republicans in Congress represent big corporations and wealthy contributors to their election piggy-banks. That much is perfectly clear. They have not had as good a chance of doing what the corporations and the rich folks want government to do for them in a long time as they have had in the last couple of years, and they want this situation to continue as long as possible. Therefore, they couldn’t care less how strangely the Great Orange Leader acts or talks — just keep the present situation in D.C. frozen in place.

That is, the political professionals on the GOP side are behaving in a purely hard-headed, financially calculating way. They calculate that there is no profit of any kind in opposing this G.O.L. in an active way, as opposed to mouthing a few critical whispers now and then. (To be fair, if the political situation were reversed, and there were a Democratic Congress with a strangely neurotic/psychotic Democratic president, we would probably be seeing much the same sort of behavior. That’s how politics works.)

On the other hand, down in the grass roots (that is, ordinary human beings spread out over the country), there is a fair amount of concern about how the G.O.L. is conducting himself, and his conduct during his European adventure may raise that level of concern some between now and the midterms. We’ll just have to see. 

In the meantime, move right along, folks; nothing to see here. Enjoy your summer vacation at the beach or in the mountains, and see you when the leaves start falling.

qedd© Jon Johanning 2011