When Does Cyberwarfare Become War?

Something to keep in mind about "cyberwarfare" and “cybersecurity" is that, although a lot of folks talk about the subject these days, these are rather strange, abstract concepts that haven't become really meaningful to most people, compared with the conventional idea of hostile activity between countries as involving marching troops, tanks, and bombs.

So when Trump is being called a "traitor" in the classic sense of "someone who gives aid and comfort to an enemy," many otherwise smart people protest that this is an exaggeration. I've seen at least one legal expert claim that, legally speaking, a country doesn't have enemies unless there is a "formal state of war" in existence, and since the U.S. and Russia aren't actually shooting at each other, there is no such state. 

But of course the legal experts can argue both sides of any question with equal skill. That's what makes the law such an interesting domain. 😊

qedd© Jon Johanning 2011