Why Trump Thinks He’s “Bringing Everyone Together"

A pretty good summary of what goes through the “alt-right” people’s heads, though not a very surprising one, can be found here.

BTW, a lot of folks are finding it hard to understand the workings in The Donald’s cranium, especially how he can (1) rather strongly support the Nazi/KKK faction and at the same time (2) keep saying that he wants to “bring everyone together.” Also, he likes to stress that “there are good people on all sides” as well as, of course, “bad hombres,” though he generally puts the baddies on the left side of the population.

I think the key to understanding all this is to note that his basic criterion for judging everyone is the degree to which they like and support DJT himself, and how strongly they express their devotion. The reason he wants to “bring everyone together” is that he wants to erase any divisions between his admirers, meaning by “everyone” everyone who worships him. 

In fact, he often seems to ignore the fact that there is anyone else at all. He frequently tweets something along the lines of “everyone likes what I said at the rally last night,” or “I’m getting good comments from everyone.” Anyone outside his circle of worshippers simply doesn’t count for him at all. (This blind spot in his vision will probably doom him, once his non-worshippers manage to come up with a practical way of defeating him. He literally won’t see us coming.)

At any rate, he sees himself as striving to bring peace and comity to “everyone” (meaning all of his followers), and this can best be done, he thinks, by crushing their, and his, opponents. And since the Nazi/KKK faction is the most vocal group in its determination to do the latter, he feels that he is most beholden, and spiritually closest, to them.

When it comes to the people marching with the tiki torches through the U of Virginia campus the other night, he did seem to say that “some of them are very fine people,” which shocked many of us very deeply. But what I believe he was really thinking about was not that particular torch-bearing Nazi-slogan-chanting mob, but more generally “his people,” i.e., his worshippers as a whole, who certainly are “very fine people” to him. He just can’t see the Nazi types as flawed in any way at all as long as they support him. In other words, his brain cells are dissolving into a mush.

qedd© Jon Johanning 2011