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About myself:

Name: Jon Johanning

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Occupation: Japanese-to-English translator

Email:  jjohanning@igc.org

Spouse: Marion Cohen, poet, math teacher, memoirist, thrifter extraordinaire! Visit her website!

See rough drafts of chapters of the writing project I am working on, with the tentative title The Great Matter, by clicking on "The Great Matter" above.



Books:    Shobogenzo (Dogen), Der Zauberberg (Mann), Ulysses (Joyce)

Music:    Beethoven, Mahler, Wagner, Miles, Duke, Ella


It is an easy thing to talk of patience to the afflicted,
To speak the laws of prudence to the houseless wanderer,

To listen to the hungry raven's cry in wintry season
When the red blood is fill'd with wine and with the marrow of lambs.

It is an easy thing to laugh at wrathful elements,
To hear the dog howl at the wintry door, the ox in the slaughter house moan;
To see a god on every wind and a blessing on every blast;
To hear sounds of love in the thunder storm that destroys our enemies' house;
To rejoice in the blight that covers his field, and the sickness that cuts off his children,
While our olive and vine sing and laugh round our door, and our children bring fruits and flowers.

Then the groan and the dolor are quite forgotten, and the slave grinding at the mill,
And the captive in chains, and the poor in the prison, and the soldier in the field
When the shatter'd bone hath laid him groaning among the happier dead.

It is an easy thing to rejoice in the tents of prosperity:
Thus could I sing and thus rejoice: but it is not so with me.
        - William Blake,
The Four Zoas

Sentient beings are numberless; I vow to help them all overcome suffering.
The mind's troubles are inexhaustible; I vow to uproot them all.
The gates to truth are beyond measure; I vow to learn them all.
The way of enlightenment is supreme; I vow to accomplish it to the end.

        - The Bodhisattva Vows

qedd© Jon Johanning 2011