My Opinion on “Who Is Worse—Trump or Pence?"

Frank Bruni is not the only pundit who has been warning us not to think that Pence would be an improvement over Trump. In fact, he thinks he might prefer Trump, because he fears that Pence would fool people into not understanding him for the racist, bigoted, etc., wretch that he really is.

Pence revealed his basic politics as Governor of Indiana, as Bruni writes very truthfully. I grew up in that state in the 1940’s and ‘50s, during the McCarthyite, intensely Red-under-the-bed period (in those days, “Red” didn’t mean what it means now, of course), surrounded by very strongly anti-Communist, reactionary Republicans in office and on the ground, although my parents were faithful Democrats (almost synonymous in those days with “Communist”) and we were located in Indianapolis, the biggest city in the state and the least Republican area.

As a result, I experienced very many Pence-like characters up close and developed the firm political fundamental principle that I have held to ever since: all Republicans are bad, never to be trusted, never to be voted for. And by “all,” I mean to the last one; I have been suspicious of even the most “progressive”-seeming Republicans, because sooner or later they will end up siding with their Republican comrades to do something dirty or other. So I am not at all surprised that nearly all Republican office-holders, as well as Republican-identified grass-roots folks, love the Trumpster; it’s just what they do instinctively.

On the other hand, I remember that I lived through my early years in the belly of the mid-western GOP beast without any serious injury, so I know that it is possible. Bruni and other believers in the “Pence is almost as bad as Trump if not worse” theory, I suspect, have lived all their lives in the comfortably left-leaning East and West Coast environment, so that they are shaking in their boots at the very thought of a person like Pence, the authentic Midwestern Christian bigot, as President. And they even might feel somewhat more comfortable with Trump’s New-York-style, Goodfellas brashness than Pence’s toned-down Midwestern style.

So, personally, I would not fear so much replacing our present Glorious Leader with another one who differs from him mainly in his hair-do and his softer, Hoosier-accented voice. One Republican is as dangerous as any other one, to me, and I think that if we fight together we can survive and eventually even overcome any of them. (As long as they don’t touch off nuclear war, of course.)

qedd© Jon Johanning 2011