The New York Times’ Controversial New Hire, Sarah Jeong

The New York Times’ new hire, Sarah Jeong, has generated controversy in a number of quarters.

Of course, the alt-right attacks on her were ridiculous, as was Andrew Sullivan's little essay, as this piece in Vox points out. But for some reason, Romano neglects to point out that a certain fringe of the Left has been vociferously attacking the Times for "taming" Jeong and "making her apologize" for the old tweets.

That, in my opinion, is as bad as the right-wing attacks. Naturally, a certain number of "far Left" people wish that the Times and other "capitalist media" would dry up and go away, along with the whole Democratic Party, but it seems to me that this is either the old far-left masturbatory habit of fantasizing that the Revolution has already occurred, which Marx among others decried, or the other habit, which Marx and other self-proclaimed Marxists have indulged in, of supposing that the big R is just around the corner.

qedd© Jon Johanning 2011