Can DJT’s Fiendish Media Strategy Be Defeated? I Think So

Ezra often gets things very right, but now and then he screws up, and I think this is one of those times.

He argues that Trump is using a very clever strategy to use the media's treatment of him as a weapon for defending himself. The more negative stuff the media put out on him, which they keep writing because he baits them into doing it, the more he can claim, apparently correctly, that they are "the enemy of the people." Ezra concludes that the media is in a lose-lose position.

But I think it is possible for them to get out of that position, and I think that they have begun to figure it out (at least some of them). On this crazy "eliminate birthright citizenship by executive order" ploy, they don't have to work themselves into a frenzy exclaiming what an evil and insane idea it is. And they don't have to refuse to report that he said it. They just have to report what he said and then, alongside that, calmly report that nearly all legal authorities (and Speaker Ryan, also) take the view that he can't amend the Constitution by executive order. And that is basically what most of the "mainstream media" seem to have done.

Of course, they don't have to fill up their space with his nuttier tweets and the ones that are intended just to bait them; they can just report the ones that look somewhat like serious policy proposals and explain (calmly and factually) that they won't work. I think this will gradually begin to get through to the saner people who are not yet anti-Trump and keep them from moving to the camp of his insane supporters.

It would also help if the opinion columnists stopped writing hysterical stuff about him about to become Der Führer Trump. But these opinion writers with their hair on fire can't be silenced, I suppose.

qedd© Jon Johanning 2011